People who make research happen

Ana Belén Sainz

Group Leader

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My research interests lie in the intersection of quantum foundations and quantum information theory: which non-classical features could we observe in Nature, and how could we harness them to power information processing. 

Marcin Karczewski

Postdoctoral researcher

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I am interested in various manifestations of nonclassicality, with a keen focus on the role of indistinguishability in quantum physics.

David Schmid

Postdoctoral researcher

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I am interested in formally capturing notions of classicality, and then understanding how the world forces us to give up on these notions. Ultimately, I aim to use these insights on nonclassicality to develop a more compelling realist interpretation of quantum theory which allows for meaningful causal explanations of quantum correlations.

Paulo Cavalcanti

PhD student


I'm interested in the foundations of quantum theory and causality. How can we make sense of the bizarre features of Nature?

Vinicius Pretti Rossi

PhD student


I'm interested in the investigation of quantum paradoxes and nonclassical behaviors, especially in how they can be tested by multiphoton setups.

Beata Zjawin

PhD student


I am still exploring the mysteries of quantum foundations! The primary focus of my current research is resource theories. I am also interested in generalizing concepts of classical causal inference to quantum mechanics.

Vicky Wright

Former member! Postdoctoral researcher

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My research centres around identifying characteristic properties of quantum theory, with a view to studying their consequences for quantum technologies. To this end I work on topics such as Gleason's theorem, general probabilistic theories and contextuality.